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Future-proof your infrastructure

In the 21st century, even small businesses are playing in a global market. To succeed, your organisation needs to be agile, able to make significant decisions at short notice. If you’ve invested heavily in expensive, difficult to replace infrastructure, it’s likely that your business will never be able to achieve that level of dexterity, putting it at a permanent disadvantage.


Choosing managed IT services allows you to outsource this process to a specialised third-party, allowing you greater flexibility in your infrastructure. You’ll have greater ability to upgrade and shift your technological capabilities as the market requires, ensuring that your business is always a leader in the industry. This can have real benefits for the overall productivity of a company – the aforementioned IDC survey identified that managed IT services could deliver productivity increases to the average value of 229,511 USD (≈340,000 NZD) per year, helping to keep your business at peak capabilities.

Effortless compliance and security

If you work in a highly regulated industry such as law and healthcare, it can be difficult to find technicians with the expertise you need at a price you can afford to pay to bring them in-house. The price of maintaining compliance with industry-specific data privacy and security regulations can be onerous for smaller operations to accomplish in-house, exceeded only by the price of non-compliance. Managed IT services allow smaller and newer organisations to get on with the business of becoming market-leaders without the significant expense of time and energy associated with building an in-house team capable of protecting you from non-compliance.
More generally, choosing managed IT services means that you no longer have to worry whether your team is adequately prepared for emerging threats and new security requirements. For example, is your business aware that as of May 25, 2018 it may be required to comply with provisions of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? The extra-territorial nature of the legislation means that even businesses based in New Zealand may be required to adhere to GDPR in relation to some processing of personal information.

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