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CSG New Zealand is committed to being a socially responsible and sustainable organisation that positively contributes to the environmental, economic and social aspects of New Zealand.

Our approach to sustainability

We pride ourselves on operating with ethics and integrity. We integrate environmental, economic and social perspectives into our business strategies so that our business activities are beneficial to the local economy, environment and community.

  • Economic sustainability – we positively contribute to the New Zealand economy by maintaining healthy, profitable growth, which is achieved through responsible, transparent and fair business practices.
  • Environmental sustainability – we are committed to the protection of our local and global environment and have implemented multiple initiatives to ensure our environmental footprint is minimised.
  • Social responsibility – we believe in supporting our communities and run a number of initiatives nationally and locally to support charities, community events and schools. We are proud to partner with the Vodafone Warriors in the League in Libraries initiative, which aims to improve literacy levels in primary school children.

Our commitment to the environment

New Zealand is renowned for its natural beauty – stunning coastlines and beaches, beautiful harbours and oceans, and miles of lush green landscapes and national parks – it is up to all of us to preserve it.

As a locally-operated Kiwi company, we are committed to the protection of our environment and to ensuring the sustainability of our natural resources, and we seek to align ourselves with partners that are also proactive in developing ongoing environmentally sustainable practices.

Our approach

Protecting the planet is our top priority, which is why we pursue a broad array of environmental initiatives – eliminating pollutants, reducing energy consumption, and creating products and solutions that help our customers realise their own sustainability goals.

With more than 40 years’ experience in managing sustainability issues, we go above and beyond standard compliance to ensure our products are among the most environmentally friendly and energy efficient available.

We are transparent in our energy management policies, recycling and refurbishment programs, and end-of-life disposal practices. Our environmental policies include:

  • zero waste targets in manufacturing
  • extensive component recycling, including parts and toner
  • refurbishment program for pre-loved devices
  • reductions in greenhouse gas emission and water usage
  • decreased usage of hazardous chemicals.

On the service side, our automated system, combined with GPS tracking in vehicles, allows us to have the technician nearest to you responding to service calls. This results in lower fuel use and fewer emissions, which further reduces our environmental footprint.