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Training and Development

We offer centrally funded PLD provided by the Ministry of Education

The digital solutions supplied to schools by CSG/PcMedia are closely aligned with the goals contained in the Towards Digital Fluency strategic plan of the Ministry of Education. The implementation of State of the Art Infrastructure is complemented by the provision of Professional Leaning and Development (PLD) to leverage Equitable Access to 21st Century Teaching and Learning. CSG's training and development is designed in consultation with educators and delivered by accredited facilitators to meet agreed outcomes.


Development of strategies that exploit the many collaborative affordances within digital tools such as the Office 365 apps to enhance both professional collaboration and the digital interactions essential in effective e-learning.

21st Century Learning Design

The elements of 21CLD directly and indirectly exploit the affordances of digital platforms. By using this framework to structure PLD these affordances are linked to structured digital fluencies. A good example is the use of Skype to facilitate collaboration in real world problem solving that can be extended to a global level.

Digital Technologies

The use of digital technologies such as augmented reality and Minecraft to enhance  teaching and learning as well as in the development and delivery of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. This can include computational thinking, coding and robotics.

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We offer Centrally funded PLD provided by Ministry of Education, as well as being able to provide free school visits around Microsoft technology (including MineCraft) through the Microsoft Learning Consulants program.

If you would like to learn more about Digital Technology and your school, just drop us a line ( and book a free visit from one of our Learning Consultants.