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Fuji Xerox Versant™ 3100 Press

Fuji Xerox Versant™ 3100 Press
Features Highlights
  • Powerful Work Flow Choices
    Your workflow is unique – a combination of the customers, the demands, the jobs, the equipment and the processes that are exclusive to your business. Because of that, we offer a choice of print servers that can be combined with a range of apps and solutions to provide a highly customisable workflow and create highly efficient results.
  • Powerful Colour Management Technologies Built into the Press
    Confident Colour is a collection of the finest colour management technologies, designed and refined to deliver more outstanding colour and more saleable output. Confident Colour allows you to emulate a range of industry standards such as GRACoL® and Fogra and adhere to PANTONE® standards so you can accurately match colours, from job to job, shift to shift, and from press to press.
  • Ultra HD Image Quality for Ultra-Satisfied Customers
    Fuji Xerox digital presses have already been proven to deliver vibrant image resolution at 2400 x 2400 dpi for excellent sharpness and uniformity. The VersantTM 3100 Press' Ultra HD Resolution increases RIP resolution, sending data to the press at up to 1200 x 1200 x 10. By rendering at a higher dpi, Ultra HD Resolution preserves fine details in graphic fills, continuous sweeps, line art and text. The more pixels moved by the RIP to the print engine, the more customer-pleasing details are resident within the job that makes it into the customer's hands. The Stochastic screen creates offset-like output enabling even easier migration to digital.
  • Closed Loop Process Controls
    The VersantTM 3100 Press features a closed loop process of density patches on the Intermediate Belt Transport (IBT) and sensors that constantly monitor the system and make quality adjustments on the fly. The result is higher quality with no operator involvement and a positive impact on your productivity.
  • Give Time Back to Your Operators with A Full Width Array
    The VersantTM 3100 Press' Full Width Array inline sensor provides key functions that automate otherwise time-consuming setup tasks. These automated adjustments are easy, integrated and fast and they help your operators ensure the system is ready for optimal performance before jobs start running, minimising costly interruptions and maximising performance.

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