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Our range of 3D printers allow you to print high quality 3D models for visualisation, collaboration, and functional prototype testing, all from your desktop.  With a 3D Printer, you’ll be turning your ideas into reality in no time!


UP Plus 2 3D Printer

Using a 3D Printer just got easier! Engineered to provide continuous dimensionally-accurate 3D printed parts using quality PLA and ABS printing in one colour. The UP Plus 2 features automatic-levelling platform calibration and automatic platform height detection, with improved 3D print spooling speed. Warranty and multiple filament options are available.

UP BOX 3D Printer

The UP BOX 3D Printer is well engineered, with internal steel chassis and impressive HD 100 micron 3D print resolution.  Quality PLA and ABS printing in one colour. With automatic platform levelling and height sense, no human interaction is required. Improved 3D printing speed – 30% faster than an UP Plus 2, and has a HEPA filter to remove air-born contaminants. Warranty and multiple filament options are available.

CubePro 3D

The CubePro 3D is a consumer Plastic Jet Printing (PJP) printer that brings designs to life with professional grade printability for the office, school or home. With stabilized printing environment for accurate professional quality prints, the CubePro has automated settings to ensure effortless and home-safe printing and easy-feed cartridges for prolonged material life. It prints in three materials – Plastic (ABS, PLA) and Nylon, with multi-colour, multi-material printing (24 colour options). The user interface benefits from a colour and wifi accessibility for greater ease-of-use.

CUBE Gen 3

The third generation Cube(R) 3D printer offers a new, compact design, dual colour printing, a choice of 23 print colours in ABS and PLA plastics, touch-screen controls, printing direct from your mobile device and print speeds 2 times faster than other printers.

With a build size of up to 6 x 6 x 6 inches (152 x 152 x 152 mm), the Cube offers easy-to-use software on both Windows and Mac platforms that quickly processes your 3D model for its best build result and sends it wirelessly to your Cube printer for immediate printing. Wireless connectivity, insta-load materials cartridges, preloaded filament jets and auto-levelling of the print pad makes for an effortless and satisfying 3D printing experience every time. Warranty and multiple filament options are available.

Options – comes in grey or white.

3D ScanMaster

Take your 3D scanning to the next level with the portable ScanMaster 3D Scanner for medium-sized objects. Scan and construct 3D models effortlessly, in real-time, while controlling the whole scanning workflow from the touch screen. From starting the scan, inspecting the scan, cleaning the object and saving, you’ll save time on the scanning process and reduce the time needed to setup for the next scan.

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