Interactive Whiteboards

Change the way you present and conduct meetings and improve collaboration with innovative presentation whiteboards with touchscreen interactivity for all participants.





Samsung Magic Interactive Whiteboards transform traditional presentations into dynamic educational or business experiences. They deliver highly legible, Full-High-Definition (FHD) quality presentations that command and hold viewer attention with direct access to rich content.

It allows all meeting participants to:

  • View content over multiple displays
  • Dynamically interact with the e-board
  • Send and receive messages from other devices to the e-board
  • Write directly on the e-Board
  • Capture and display images and videos from a wide range of file formats 
  • Insert simple Microsoft(R) Word, Excel(R) or PowerPoint(R) documents and memos directly onto the e-board.


  • Sahara Clevertouch interactive dual & multi touch displays – sizes from 32″ to 84″.
  • The latest touchscreen technology is integrated into the screen enabling it to be dual touch or multi touch, including gesture control and allowing for multiple users. 
  • Crystal clear resolution and high brightness display means that images are clearly visible. Unlike projection based interactive solutions, there is no shadowing.
  • Most of the Clevertouch screens do not require drivers, calibration or set up, meaning that Clevertouch is always ready to go when you are.


For Business 

The latest touchscreen technology is integrated into the screen allowing multiple users and gesture control. An Android operating system providing business apps and tools for annotation, brainstorming, and collaborative document sharing is built-in. Full HD resolution and the high brightness anti-glare display allow images to be clearly visible from all angles and in rooms with high light levels. The 84″ Clevertouch Plus is the first in the world to offer an integrated Android operating system and true 4K solution. It features 10 touch points and a true 4K Blade i7 PC.


Innovative options and true flexibility

With its integrated Android operating system, Clevertouch Plus is as easy to use as a tablet. Clevertouch Plus is the next generation of Clevertouch – it comes with integrated apps from Cleverstore – the new app store for Clevertouch.

Clevertouch Plus comes with CleverLync annotation software, SnowFlake MultiTeach software apps that help children develop good hand-eye coordination skills, and DisplayNote, which lets users control their Clevertouch with their tablet device or phone, and share content with multiple participants, across multiple devices via the cloud or over a wireless network.

With CSG your display is fully supported

When you purchase a large format display with CSG your device is fully supported. We provide end-to-end management ensuring any faults or issues are resolved quickly by our expert team. To read more about our display support click here.

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