Document Management

Imagine having automated, powerful ways to track, manage and store your documents, regardless of the file size or volume.


Our electronic document management solutions make it easy for you to file, store and manage your documents in a logical, consistent way, and features such as metadata tags and optical character recognition make it easy for you to search and retrieve files quickly and easily.

In addition to reducing the amount of in-house or outsourced physical storage space you need for archived documents, storing documents electronically will also enable you to protect your important business information against loss or damage.

  • Increase efficiency and productivity by taking the guesswork and effort out of storing and retrieving documents – fully searchable electronic documents are easier to find, meaning you save time, effort and resources by always having the information you need at your fingertips.
  • Improve mobility for your workforce by providing access to documents from anywhere, at any time – saving them from carrying hardcopy files or retrieving them via email.
  • Increase security by controlling who has permission to view or edit categories of documents or individual files.
  • Enhance collaboration – multiple authors can work on a document simultaneously, which also gives you greater version control.
  • Create a safety net – in the event of a disaster, digital storage with offsite back-up enables your business to be up and running again within hours.
  • Improve your environmental sustainability by reducing the amount of paper and toner your business uses.

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