Optimised Print Services

Is your document system working for you – or against you? User needs have changed. Technologies have advanced. The flood of essential documents keeps growing, but many businesses rely on a patchwork of printing and imaging devices that don’t work together and aren’t utilised, managed, or serviced to keep up with today’s document demands.


Our Optimised Print Services (OPS) program combines consulting, hardware and software implementation, workflow management and automated service and supplies – all to lower your costs and improve your workflow efficiency.

The OPS solution links three essential functions:

  • Consult: Analyses all your document workflows, including scanning, printing, and any printed email, archiving and outsourcing, in order to increase productivity and realise enterprise-wide cost savings. Optimises security protections for documents and devices, with multiple options for user authentication, account tracking, data encryption and network security.
  • Implement: Presents a right-size document fleet for your actual business needs, with sophisticated digital functionality, networked productivity and finishing power for on-demand production. Provides world-class support for your entire system, including automated meter reads, proactive maintenance and delivery of consumables, online training and much more.
  • Manage: Keeps your equipment operating at peak performance, with remote monitoring to reduce your administrative costs and free your IT staff to concentrate on business objectives. Gives you the benefit of CSG initiatives to minimise energy consumption, reduce pollution and recycle consumables effectively.

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